Docs matter. Each one.

What is Echidna Docs?

Echidna Docs is a WordPress plugin for the storage of documents and attached files.
Also for simple financial accounting and payments control.

The only aim of the plugin is to keep documents safe. All features are designed to complete this task. Financial and commercial documents, technical manuals, promotional materials, and even simple notes — everything, that you need is in the pocket.

You just add documents and attach files, and, when you need them, it could be simply found by its attributes.

If documents amounts are entered, the plugin will keep financial accounting. Different accounts and different currencies are available. In addition, the plugin is able to make a cash flow statement.

It is an excellent help for any business.

Powered by WordPress

The plugin is designed for WordPress, allowing you to easily use it on your website along with other plugins that you use.

Free for everyone

The plugin is absolutely free. No trial period, no hidden payments, no premium subscription or any other fee. All features are completely available, right now and for everyone.

Simple and clear

Everything in the plugin is arranged in such a way as to make your work with documents extremely user-friendly. The familiar WordPress interface and the lack of settings allow you to get started right after installation.

Only on business

The plugin doesn’t litter your admin area with useless functions and unnecessary graphs. It only creates one new section, which contains the documents and a few control elements to them. Nothing extra.

Greet the new post type.

Documents is another type of WordPress posts that contains familiar attributes: title, excerpt, comments and attached files.

It is convenient to indicate the name of the document and its number in your financial accounting as a title. Also there is an excerpt which can help you to summarize the content of the document.

In addition, you can attach any files to each document: scans, photos, presentations, tables, graphs and others. All files of each document can be downloaded later in one archive.

And of course, you can add comments to each document, describing any actions on the document or supplementing its description.

What else is in the document?

There are also few additional attributes — categories, partners, accounts and amounts.

Each document can be placed in one of the categories, which you are free to add or remove as you wish. It allows you to group documents by their purpose or type.

Partners are your customers, vendors, contractors or any other who is deal with your documents. If you keep track of partners, you can instantly find documents connected to any of them.

If the document has a financial focus, then you can additionally indicate its amount and account.

Also the plugin uses the usual WordPress tagging system. You can add any tags to each document and then quickly find the necessary documents by them.

How does financial accounting work?

The plugin is able to keep financial accounting. To do it, just enough to input the amount and account of each document (if it is exists). In this case, you will always see the current balance for each account.

For each account, you can select its own currency in which the accounting will be kept.

In addition, you can generate a simple cash flow statement, which will show in which accounts and categories the cash flow occurred during the month.

What are categories and partners for?

Categories and partners are needed to sort your documents according to their affiliation or focus. This allows you to quickly find the documents you need by their attributes.

In addition, for partners, you can input their contact information: email, phone number, address and contact person. This will allow to use the plugin as a simple CRM.

More different languages

You need custom localization? The plugin contains a translation template, with its help you’ll translate into any language.

Thrift to your database

The plugin does not change the structure of your database. To store documents, attributes and files it uses the standard features of the WordPress core.

REST API from the box

If you want to use the plugin in combination with your accounting system or with side software, the REST API is available by default.

Privacy above all

The plugin does not send any data and does not collect any statistics. All documents are stored only at your WordPress and nowhere else. Setup additional backup and do not worry — no document will be lost.

Thank you!

You can always find the latest version of the plugin
in the WordPress repository.

We are happy to receive your questions, notes, comments,
suggestions for improvement or criticism.